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Covid Trials Canada is a research hub that matches eligible Canadian participants with researchers conducting COVID-19 clinical trials. Those seeking to join an active clinical trial can fill out our registration form online. You’ll be notified if you are selected to participate.

Help us complete the circle. Register to join a trial.

How Covid Trials Canada works

We invite you to register to participate in a clinical trial. The active trials listing includes information about all of the active, approved trials currently underway in Canada. You can fill out a simple, secure registration form with your information. Our system will then match you and others with available trials.

If there’s a match, the clinical trial’s team will receive your contact information. They can then connect with you about their recruitment criteria and see if you’d be willing to participate.

Our goal is to make this process efficient and secure to accelerate Canada’s research efforts.

Why Clinical Trials Need Participants

Every clinical trial needs participants to be successful. We currently need thousands of Canadians to volunteer to participate. Finding the right people is very difficult even at the best of times. Right now, with the pressures COVID-19 has placed on the healthcare system and healthcare providers, it’s extremely difficult to connect with the right people.

In addition, clinical trials have very strict criteria for the types of patients who can enroll. These criteria can range from certain demographic characteristics (e.g., age), certain classes of medications you may be taking, or your exposure to COVID-19 (e.g., whether you have a confirmed, suspected, or resolved case).

Who is eligible?

While eligibility criteria vary by trial, you can register if you:

  • Are convalescing at home with COVID-19
  • Are hospitalized with COVID-19
  • Have recovered from the illness
  • Have been exposed to someone with COVID-19
  • Are willing to participate in a control group (do not have COVID-19)

Your data will be shared securely with research teams, who can then contact you or your doctor directly if there’s a match. All participant information is stored on a secure cloud platform, housed in Canada. Our medical leadership team, made up of physicians from across the country, oversees governance of our database protocols and information sharing procedures to keep your data private, safe and secure at all times.


Canadians are doing everything they can to support each other through COVID-19. We’re staying home. Donating money. Making meals for healthcare workers.

Many Canadians wish to volunteer to participate in clinical trials to help find treatments or a vaccine. But they don’t know where to go or how to start. We’re simplifying that process and doing what we can to make those connections happen faster and more easily. Our amazing Canadian researchers are working tirelessly on their important mission. We’re here to support them.